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Yogurt bowl from Rite Tea Espresso Bar, a coffee shop in the Charles River Speedway in Boston.
Inside Rite Tea & Espresso Bar, a coffee shop in the Charles River Speedway in Boston.
Eat, Drink

Tea and coffee lovers, rejoice. Rite Tea & Espresso is now open at the Speedway! 

Rite is the first bricks and mortar location of The Wicked Thrawl, which has been popping up at the Koji Club over the past year. 

What can you expect? A beautiful coffee and tea bar, offering tea, coffee, espresso and a wide range of seasonal specialty drinks. Rite is a haven where enthusiasts can gather, indulge in their passions, and expand their understanding of tea, coffee, whisky, and the intricacies of local food systems. 

Rite also offers breakfast and lunch bites, and every menu item is a labor of local love. Try the sweet yogurt bowl with ginger marmalade or the savory yogurt bowl with pickled beets and microgreens. Another must try: the toasts!  There’s the marmalade toast, with ginger marmalade and yuzu salt;  the maple vanilla butter toast, made with smoked vermont maple syrup; and the savory beans on toast, made with brothy garlicky cannellini beans. 

Rite and The Wicked Thrawl follow the wheel of the year. Keep checking back in for new and expanded menu items that change with the season.


Tuesday: 9 – 2 pm

Wednesday: 9 – 4 pm

Thursday: 9  – 4 pm

Friday: 9 – 4 pm

Saturday: 9 – 4 pm


About The Wicked Thrawl

Throughout their decade in the food and beverage industry, Ren Wheeler has cultivated a deep love and appreciation for a diverse range of culinary delights. Driven by their insatiable curiosity, the goal of The Wicked Thrawl is to establish a unique space and place where individuals can join in on this never-ending journey of exploration.