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Espresso Basics- Class at Rite Tea + Espresso

April 17 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Do you have an espresso machine at home? or just want to learn a new skill? in this class you will learn how to pull a consistent shot of espresso, steam milk, and pour a well mixed latte. this is a craft that we hone every day for years to come, and this class is a fantastic foundation to build your craft upon. it is also a great introduction to our higher level classes focusing on dialing in espresso and pouring latte art.

this class is taught by ren, who owns rite, and has eight years of experience as a barista, as well as over six years in training other baristas.

given the hands on nature of this class, our maximum class size is 5 participants. if you would like to book a private class for your group, please email us at hello@wickedthrawl.com.


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