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Notch Brewing Starkbierfest

March 9 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Every March in Munich, Starkbierfest (Strong Beer Fest) is celebrated with Bockbier, and Notch falls right in line with our own winter festival. Seasonal bock bier, Bavarian fare, and the Tuba Frau Hofbräu Band will set the tone for this much anticipated annual event. But what everyone really wants is a HOT POKE! As is tradition, a super heated steel rod is submerged in your bock bier to create a marshmallow type foam, but the beer stays cold. A perfect and entirely different cold weather treat.


Loggerhead Doppelbock – 8.2% ABV
Helles Bock – 6.7%
Rauch Helles Spezial – 5.5%


Free Admission includes live entertainment and a whole bunch of Gemütlichkeit.