Wine Class @ Super Bien: Chile 101

It’s time to share the nitty gritty about where our wines come from—join us for Super Bien’s first wine classes. Have you ever wanted to learn more about South American wine? Or more about natural wine in general? Maia Fleming, natural wine consultant and curator of our wine selection at Super Bien, will be in-house to break it all down and walk you through colonialism (can’t talk South American wine without it), winemaking tradition, and what Criolla grapes actually are.

The classes will focus on three winemaking countries: Peru, Chile & Argentina. These are stand-alone, but they’re also designed to build on one another, so feel free to purchase tickets to all three! In each class, you’ll get three wines to taste from each country + a snack inspired by each one, too.

For this class we’ll travel to Chile, which is all about tradition, baby! We’ll focus on southern Chile, the epicenter of natural winemaking. But we’ll also discuss the powerhouse that is northern and central Chile. Not sure if you’ve ever looked at Chile on a map, but it is loooooong. That’s a lot of winemaking regions. Let’s go!

When class is over, feel free to stick around and drink your way through all the regions represented on our list—we’re open until 11 p.m. Wednesdays.


Feb 1, Wednesday, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Super Bien

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