Across the Courtyard from our Stalls, Super Bien, a Latin American-inspired grocery bar, will feature the empanadas, sauces, and snacks with a twist that Melissa Stefanini’s Buenas is known for at her Bow Market, Somerville, location. Take your pick between a chicken bacon cool ranch or mac and cheese empanada. Or perhaps a hot dog wrapped in empanada dough (known as a ‘Nada dog)? We are thinking maybe one of each with a side of fresh pebre! Sample creative new dishes and South American wines at the dine-in counter or pick up pre-packaged frozen emps and sauces on the go.

A collaboration between Melissa Stefanini, Phillip Rolfe (longtime manager of Parla North End), and Grace Ghazey Rolfe (award-winning bartender currently at Ivory Pearl), Super Bien rounds out the Speedway’s creative community!


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